Promote Penguicon

Promoting Penguicon

If you’d like to get flyers to post at other conventions, in your office lunch room, or (with permission!) at local nerd stores, we want to help!


  • Official Penguicon 2016 flyer (updated February 22nd)Feel free to print the PDF version of this flyer and make it available in public places. (We recommend you first save the PDF and open it in a PDF viewer instead of attempting to print it from your web browser.)

    We’d love it if you could fill out our Penguicon Flyer form so we will know where they’ve spread this year!

Flyer is a full 8.5″ x 11″, color (though you can print it in B/W).

You can put the PDF on a flash drive and print it at your local copy shop – if you contact us at with your copy receipt and a photo of the flyers in place, we may be able to reimburse you.

Please ask for permission before posting it in a store or other location requiring permission![clear]

Stickers and Promotional Cards

11939493_749270898536969_1993599162_nWe also have a set of 20 unique round stickers to promote Penguicon – feel free to trade them or collect them.  They’re available at most official Penguicon events, such as our monthly Con Com meetings and parties, so come visit us to get some fun stickers!

We’ve also printed beautiful glossy cards to help our biggest fans promote Penguicon to others on a one-on-one basis.  If you find yourself talking to strangers and friends and wanting to convince them of how cool Penguicon is, email us at and request a few cards – the front has the important location and time details, and the back is a cornucopia of awesomeness.