pcon2013 bb9q4766Without volunteers, Penguicon would be impossible. Many people contribute their time to help make Penguicon happen because they want to give back to our community.  We want you as part of our team!  Please consider putting a few hours into volunteering – it’s a great way to meet people, and a solid way to contribute to our community.

One Night in Penguin Pit: 2 hours

Pre-Registration of Next Year: 8 hours

Reimbursement of This Year’s Badge: 10 hours

Some jobs that volunteers do:

  • Set Up/ Tear Down
    This takes place on Thursday Afternoon and Friday Morning before Opening Ceremonies as well as on Sunday Evening. It consists of helping organize the cons function space as well as help unloading /reloading the truck.
  • Registration
    This takes place on Friday and Saturday and started Mid-Morning and stays open until around 8 (when registration will be moved to ops). Helping out usually involves directing people on how to register. The perks include meeting almost EVERYONE – including GoHs.
  • Operations (OPS)
    This is staffed 24/7 as long as the con is running. You’ll help make sure everything in the con is running smoothly. As a volunteer you do your best to answer questions (cheat sheet sometimes provided) as well as direct problems brought to you to the right ConCom member. Working Ops requires helpful, calm people who think on their feet. Perks include being able to ask other penguins to get you food.
  • Program Operations/Bouncer
    This volunteer is responsible for doing a head count of attendees at the panels for the time. They are also expected to help with any last minute rearrangements of rooms. Perks include lots of movement and seeing everything that’s going on at the con.
  • ConSuite
    This is also staffed around the clock. You’d keep the ConSuite as presentable as possible, restock food, and make sure no ConSuite property wanders off. Perks include being near the food – and people – at all times.
  • Badge Checker
    Some doors to function space require a Badge checker. A badge checker also makes sure con property doesn’t leave the room. Perks include making sure people don’t ghost a con you’re paying for in money or labor.
  • Games Librarian
    This round-the-clock job combines Badge Checker with games room duty. The librarian will check games owned by the convention out to attendees, collect trash and keep the area neat. Perks include meeting gaming GoH’s and being near the games.
  • Event/Panel Set Up
    This is general help with the setup of any function space that is being repositioned. Perks usually include ribbons and first seating.
  • General Help
    Anything else that may come up.
  • Photographer or Videographer
    We need people with photography skills to take photos (with consent) of people who are in costume, are gaming, are participating in events or just seem to be having a good time.  These positions are available both for people who do and do not have their own equipment.
  • Greeter Desk
    This position is for Penguicon veterans who really want to give back by helping new people understand what it’s about and where to find everything.  This position does NOT get reimbursed, but you will get plenty of stickers, ribbons, snacks, and appreciation!

All volunteers should be at least 10 years of age, and anyone under 16 must bring their parent or guardian to the volunteer table with them to confirm that they know what is going on. Note: we have had several youth volunteer in the past, they are a great help!

Please contact our Head of Volunteers at volunteers@penguicon.org if you’d like to do this!