Contact Us

Please contact us with your suggestions for next year’s convention – we are always striving to improve!  If you have emailed a ConCom member and not received a reply, please write to our Con Chair.


If you’d like to leave feedback for our Chair and Con Committee, please feel free to use our feedback form – we talk about the feedback we’ve received at each meeting.


If you’d like to get involved as staff, volunteer to host a SMOS party, or otherwise commit to helping make this event we care so much about happen, we’d love to have you!  We only get better by having people speak up and add their skills to the mix.  Please let us know via our staff contribution form.

You are also welcome to suggest a Guest of Honor for 2016.

CONTACT THE Con Committee

Chair Scott Kennedy
Asst. Chair Daniel Dugan
Hospitality Cylithria Dubois
Facilities/Hotel Nuri Gocay
Registration Amanda Robinson
Treasurer Amanda Long-Adams
Logistics OPEN
Operations OPEN
Volunteers Jessica Roland
Programming Janet Gocay

Penguicon Community

We have several mailing lists that are frequently used by both the staff and community members of Penguicon.

Board Penguicon Board of Directors
ConCom Penguicon Convention Committee
General The list for the rest of us! (Very general, open to all)