Track Spotlight: Tech!

TuxWe put the Penguin in Penguicon. Tux the Penguin is the official mascot of the open source operating system Linux, and at Penguicon we bring you experts in all kinds of open source software and related topics like security and privacy to help you navigate the technical world. If you use a computer or a smartphone chances are you will find something useful to you in our Tech Track presentations. We schedule presentations in a variety of topics and at various levels of expertise, so even a relative novice will find something interesting and useful.

Tell us in the comments what you like best about the Tech track: your favorite panels and events, what you’d like to see in 2016 and the future!

We would love for you to submit a proposal for an event in the Tech  track that you intend to present!

If you have an idea for a Tech track event you’d like to see at Penguicon but don’t want to present yourself, please suggest an idea for our track head to look into!