bookmark_borderSo Many Games in the Penguicon Game Room!

IMG_9388With SIXTY events, could this year’s Penguicon game room be any better?

Thanks so much to the team from the U-Con game convention for providing almost 2/3 of them.


Strategy board games include:

  •  Lords of Waterdeep
  • Ticket to Ride
  • Tokaido
  • Kingsburg
  • Hey! That’s My Fish!
  • Quantum
  • Imperial Assault
  • Euphoria
  • Alien Frontiers
  • Gravwell
  • and Alhambra The Dice Game.

Card games include:

  • Pack ‘O Game
  • Back To The Future
  • Abyss
  • Android: Netrunner Card Game
  • Dominion
  • 7 Wonders
  • and Splendor.

Do you count Mahjong as a card game, even though it uses tiles? Well, we have it!

Rathbone the Pirate will teach authentic pirate games, and take on all challengers simultaneously in “Rathbone Vs Everybody“.

Do you like cooperative games? These are games in which the players all win together, or all lose together.

Co-op games include:

  • Space Alert
  • Hanabi
  • Pandemic
  • The Big Book of Madness
  • The Quiet Year
  • Dead of Winter
  • Descent 2nd Edition
  • Arkham Horror
  • Zombicide: Black Plague
  • Legendary Encounters
  • and Star Trek Five-Year Mission.

In some co-op games, such as Betrayal at House on the Hill, one player will turn traitor!


Party games include:

  • Sheriff of Nottingham
  • Codenames
  • Coup
  • Ca$h ‘n Gun$
  • Spyfall
  • One Night Werewolf
  • Are You A Werewolf
  • Salem
  • Deception: Murder in Hong Kong
  • and Hakosot.

Playtests of game prototypes include:

  • Order Of The Wand
  • Warlords of the 6 Kingdoms
  • and Kalidasia Fleet Commander – The Siege of Cadre 4.

Be on the lookout for the wacky wooden mechanical contraptions “Quatern” and “Exquisite Corpse Machine 3”.

bookmark_borderNew Accessibility Statement and Rules Revision

IMG_8957The Penguicon team wants all of our attendees to feel equally valued, regardless of any disability. To that effect, we’ve created an Accessibility statement to make clear what we are doing to help improve access to everyone, and to provide details about our hotel.

This is an evolving document.  Please contact our Accessibility Liaison through if you have any questions or concerns that we can address or add to the document.

Additionally, we are updating our Code of Conduct for 2016. This reflects an effort by our Con Committee and the Board of Directors to adjust our rules as the landscape of conventions change.

We are proud of the work we’ve put into making Penguicon as safe and accessible as we can for our attendees.

bookmark_borderEvent Spotlight: Geek Prom!

geekprom-008It’s time for another EPIC Geek Prom, and this years theme is Heroes and Villains.

Dress up as your favorite hero or villain and join us for an even bigger party than last year!

Bring your Superman or find your Wonder Woman, and get ready to dance the night away until your legs are Thor.

bookmark_borderWestin Hotel Rooms Sold Out

westin_penguiconlogoIt’s always a bittersweet moment when we sell out every available room in the hotel, as we love to have a full hotel but hate to make last-minute attendees sleep elsewhere, particularly considering how late into the evening Penguicon remains active.

Fortunately, we have an unofficial overflow hotel just across the parking lot, and other nearby options for those who still need to get a room.

Please check out our updated Hotel Information page for details.

bookmark_borderThe Hall Favorite Costume Award

ivanThere are always so many excellent costumes at Penguicon and only a small portion of them ever get seen in the Costume Contest.

Throughout the weekend, N.U.E.T, better known as the Con Scouts, will be running around asking people to enter the Hall Favorite Costume Contest. All you have to do is allow N.U.E.T. to take a photo of you in your costume, and provide some basic contact information.

Pictures will be posted at the Greeters’ Desk, where every attendee gets one vote for their favorite costume. Voting begins at 7PM on Saturday and runs til right before Closing Ceremonies on Sunday.  Winners will be announced at Closing Ceremonies, and first place will receive a free badge to Penguicon 2017!

bookmark_borderOur 2016 shirts are available now!

pcon2016_shirt_mockupWe’re very pleased to announce that our 2016 shirts are now available for purchase through OffWorld Designs!

Tiffany Williwalker created the front art – a virtual penguin artificial intelligence, scanning the news about Penguicon. A similar graphic will be on the cover of our souvenir book.  The back art was assembled by Scott Kennedy, using Tiffany’s work as inspiration.

PLEASE PRE-ORDER YOUR SHIRT.  OffWorld brings a limited set of sizes to the convention.  If you order before the convention, they will have your shirt available for you at the OffWorld booth.

If you wait, you’ll have to hope they have your size in stock!

Pre-orders will close in mid-April.

If you’d prefer to order one of our perennial Penguicon shirts, check out our Art and Apparel!