Panel Cancellations

2016_schedule_artDue to a room placement error, we must unfortunately cancel all events that were planned to be in “Callahan’s Place” for Penguicon 2016. We apologize for the inconvenience and encourage you to sign up to run them next year!

Those events include:

  • Build Your Own VGA Adapter for Presenters
  • How to Choose the Best Emoji For Every Situation            
  • Introverts Social Hour            
  • Intro to Windows, Skynet Edition            
  • Tips and Tricks for Catwaxing
  • DIY Time Travel Part 2    
  • ConChair Dunk Tank
  • Retro ConChair Dunk Tank
  • Who Wore It Best: R2D2 vs. BB8            
  • How to Program Infinite Loops            
  • Helium-Filk Sing-Along            
  • Raspberry Pi Eating Contest
  • 101 Reasons Words Are Hard            
  • If Fictional Characters Cosplayed, What Would They Cosplay As?            
  • The Benefits of Owning a Pet Rock            
  • Workshop: Turning It Off and On Again            
  • Pluto: Planet or Not?             
  • LN2 Winter Root Vegetables            
  • BoF: Murder She Wrote            
  • How Many Programmers Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb?            
  • Mark Reads The Phonebook
  • Jolt, And Other Highly Caffeinated Beverages We Have Loved
  • The Chaos Machine, BDSM, and You                
  • Writing Workshop: Choose Your Own Adventure Epic Fantasy
  • DIY Time Travel Part 1            
  • Charity Event: 3D Print Your Own Flying Penguin Wings            
  • Wil Wheaton Papier Mache Contest            
  • Cuneiform: the Beginning of FORTRAN            
  • Teach Your Grandmother to Suck Eggs           

Happy April, see you at the end of the month!